Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kay Gardner - Avalon

On this cassette, Kay recorded the entire performance on a Aiwa cassette recorder on location at the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, England. Gardner, a practitioner of musical healing, has produced a relaxing and spiritual moment that was miraculously recorded. Throughout some of the songs, you will hear the quiet bubbling of the fountains and streams of the ruins. Her flute playing transports you to the times of pagans and earth worship. Do not adjust your volume on these recordings, on a few songs only the water can be heard, before Kay starts with her wonderful flute playing.

Track List:
The Lady's Chapel
High Alter
Blood Spring Fountain
Pilgrim's Pool
Lion's Head Fountain
The Holy Well
Chalice Hill Fairy Circle
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Benny Bendorff - Flowers of Liverpool

As a collector of the absurd and truly tasteless, this cassette has had a special place in my collection. Recorded in 1987, this artist brings to the Beatles what I never thought possible. Slick 80's music production. The covers of the Beatles songs are so horrid, that I find it hard to not turn away while they are playing. I'm am utterly struck as the proverbial deer in a headlight. Listen for yourself and see if you can do any different.

Track List:
Lady Madonna
The Fool On The Hill
Here There and Everywhere
Let It Be
Get Back
Here Comes the Sun
The Long and Winding Road
Got To Get You into My Life
Flowers of Liverpool
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Colleen Fulmer - Dancing Sophia's Circle

Colleen Fulmer produced three cassettes in her short stint as a recorded musician. This being the third of her works. This cassette combines deep spirituality with the feminist ideal. I'm at a loss to fully describe this tape. Beautiful and haunting at the same time.

For an excellent interview with this artist I would like to turn your attention to this website:

Track List:
We Bring Who We Are
Blessing The Divine Womb
Feed our Hungry Soul's
Sisters Spiral
Just To Be
I Am Enough
Dancing Sophia's Circle
Wheels of Justice
In Your Presence
Live Each Day
Our Ways of Knowing
Now is the Time
On This Day O Beautiful Mother
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Hip Hop on Hot Vinyl - Mixed by Dr. Dre

As most of you know, Dr. Dre wasn't always the gangsta rapper of the 90's and beyond. Before N.W.A., Dre was part of the World Class Wreckin Cru. An Electro Dance Hip Hop unit from L.A.
On this cassette the Dre of the W.C.W.C. days, puts his special touch on some nice Hip Hop tracks. If you like Electro Hip Hop, this cassette will be for you. The zip file has been partitioned into two tracks. So as to not detract from the original mix.

Track List:
Side 1
Egypt Egypt - Egyptian Lover
Surgery - World Class Wreckin Cru
Let's Jam - Unknown D.J.
Ugly Women - Bobby Jimmy & The Critters
What's Your Sign - Uncle Jamm's Army

Side 2
Big Butt - Bobby Jimmy & The Critters
Revelation - The 2 Live Crew
Rockberry Jam - L.A. Dream Team
Innovator - The Arabian Prince
Girls - The Egyptian Lover
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Charlie Collins and Friends

Mr. Collins and his friends really know how to throw down bluegrass style. Excellent homemade tape that delivers in musicianship. There are even a couple tracks with excellent female vocals. That being a rarity in bluegrass music. I can only imagine the scene as all participants gathered in Charlie's living room in front of the recorder. Not a bad song on this tape. Enjoy.

Track List:
Fishers Hornpipe
Rye Straw
Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms
A Precious Jewel
Orange Blossom Special
Big Mon
John Hardy
Mother Prays in Her Sleep
Love Come Home
Bill Cheatham
possum and Taters
Somebody Loves You
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Dwight Diller - O Death or Won't You Spare Me Another Year

Local legend Dwight Diller recorded this tape with all intents of preserving local traditional songs. What was accomplished is nothing more than perfect. I was very excited when I picked this up for a quarter last year. One of the first tapes that actually got me interested in collecting cassettes in the first place.

Track List:
Elzicks Farewell
Frosty Morn
Yew Pine mountain
Jay Legg
Wild Bill Jones
John Browns March
Wild Hog (Bangum)
Old Christmas Morning
Tom Dula
O Death
Greasy Coat
Pretty Polly
Jimmy Johnson
The Dead Man's Piece
Heard The Thunder Rolling

Dwight Diller Website:
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Bamboo Beats presents - Non Stop disco Dandia -93

Here is an excellent Indian tape. Not sure who this is or what the track list is either. Everything is in Hindi. Heavy on drums with a nice Indian beat. Released on the Indian label Venus in 1993.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tetty Kadi - Teratai Putih

Here is a very interesting tape from Indonesia. I've been unable to gather very much information about Tetty Kadi, not because she is unknown, far from it, but because I am unable to read Indonesian. What I have found out is she is/was a performer as well as an actress. Quite famous in Indonesia.

This tape delivers an excellent performance. Tetty and the backing band The Favorites sound to me like an excellent lounge act. The tunes are full of organs and lo fi strummed guitars which are complimented by Tetty's dreamy voice. If anybody can point me into the direction of some information on this lady, please do. I would love to learn more.

Track List:
Teratai Putih
Dosaku Padamu
Terlalu Muda Untuk Bercinta
Pengenang Kehancuran
Layu Sebelum Berkembang
Ballada Perpisahan
Satu Dari Kenangan
Layu Tiada Belaian
Pasti Kembali
Siapa Kubelum Tahu
Hatiku Jatuh Padamu
Salam Sayang
Sekedar Bertanya
Teman Jenaka
Sahabat Lama
Belum Seorang
Cinta Remaja
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Russell Cook - Red Haired Boy or Hammer Dulcimer Music by the 1981 National Dulcimer Champion

Submitted for your pleasure is this recording from the 1981 national dulcimer champion. As the cover states the album is mostly instrumental,traditional and gospel tunes. Several tracks also have a haunting female voice that compliments the dulcimer perfectly. Great mix of songs on this cassette. If your a fan of the dulcimer this one is worth seeking out. If you have a slight interest in dulcimer than this could be right up your alley as well.

Track List:
Dill Pickle Rag
Precious Memories
Sculley's Reel
This World is Not My Home
Cluck Ol' Hen
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Bryan Boru's March
Sailors Hornpipe
Soldiers Joy
Sweet Hour of Prayer/ In the Garden
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Robert "Killer" Fields

Who is Robert "Killer" Fields? That is a legitimate question. To be honest, I have no idea. I do know that in 1986 he decided to make a tape. A very homemade tape. The first side of this cassette is a complete genre fuck. Mr. Fields lets loose with nine tracks of raunchy and vulgar songs. A regular salty dog, he is. The majority of that side is remarkable for the fact that he recorded these songs presumably for himself.

Side two, however, is something completely different. Mr. Fields gives us nine more tracks that somehow peel back the mind of this man and lay bare the beauty of this artist. Strictly instrumental, the second side builds soundscapes of utter joy, an orgasmic shower of cosmic sidewalk bliss.

I can only fathom a guess as to this mans life and identity. The cassette was produced lovingly with handmade labels pasted onto a gold Maxell XL 90. Reputably, some of the best cassettes ever produced in the 80's. The cover is printed onto glossy paper with the lightest hint of blue ball pen ink, that undoubtedly produced the straight lines for cutting the covers apart. Truly an artifact to be treasured.

Enjoy the ride.

Track List:
Chineez Cajun
Hodee Doe Down
Blues in F
Space Eyes
Love is Everywhere
My Heart Will Know
Driving Away
Ski Silverado
And the Birds
Asshole Song
Im a Cowboy
Slimin Rhymin
Get Fat
In my Gondola
Hey Good Lookin
Green Acres
National Lumber

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Update: New information has arose to the identity of Mr. Fields. Please visit his website and support the artist.